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1907 Quarter 3

District Cricket Jottings.

20 July 1907
Sheffield Evening Telegraph - Saturday 20 July 1907 District Cricket Jottings. A General Survey. A glance at the Mexborough Cricket League table shows that the...

District Cricket Jottings – Hickleton or Mitchell’s?

24 August 1907
Sheffield Evening Telegraph - Saturday 24 August 1907 District Cricket Jottings. Hickleton or Mitchell’s? Swinton’s defeat on Saturday that the hands ot South Kirkby  killed...

Mexborough League cricket

7 September 1907
Sheffield Evening Telegraph - Saturday 07 September 1907 Mexborough League cricket Just a few words about Mexborough League cricket. Almost at the end, as we are,...

Cricket Aftermath.

21 September 1907
Barnsley Chronicle, etc. - Saturday 21 September 1907 Cricket Aftermath. Hickleton Main have carried off the championship the Mexbro’ League for the fifth time in...