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Family Reunion at the Funeral of Mr John P Lingard

February 1938

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 18, 1938

Family Reunion at funeral of Mr John P Lingard

A remarkable family re-union was effected at Wombwell on Monday at the funeral of Mr. John P. Lingard (83), of 100 Station Road, a well-known South Yorkshire sportsman. Mr. Lingard, whose wife died many years ago, leaves ten children (four sons and six- daughters) and all were present at the funeral, from the oldest to the youngest to pay their last tribute to an honoured father,

Mr. Lingard. who was born at Wombwell Junction, and remembered that district getting the backwash of of of Sheffield flood, lived the whole of his married life in one house in Station Road.

In this picture the 10 children are seen for the first time for many years, at the door of the cottage in which they were all born.

In the group are:

(back row) Mr Ellis Lingard (55), 100, Station Rd, Wombwell; Mrs Nellie Taylor (53) 94, Station Rd, Wombwell; Mrs Pattie Savage (50) of Barnsley; Mr Alfred Lingard (40) 92, Station Road, Wombwell; Mr Wilfred Lingard (46) Summer Lane, Barnsley;

(front row) Mr John Lingard (44) Royal Lancers Hotel, Sheffield; Mrs Agnes John (42) 27 Henry Street, low Valley Darfield; Mrs Fanny Byron (39) 62, Walton Rd, Upton; Mrs Mona Mallinson (37) 13 Tomwood Ash Lane, Upton; Mrs Maggie Firth (33) 11 Gower St, Wombwell.

Their ages total 447 years

All the children with excess of Mr Ellis Lingard, the oldest, are married. There were also present at the funeral numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.