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Wombwell’s Champion Ticket Seller.

March 1939

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 8, 1929

Wombwell’s Champion Ticket Seller.

I hereby award the certificate of merit to Sam Moores, of 12, York Street, Wombwell, better known as “Tricky.”

Mr. Moores sold no fewer than 230 tickets in connection with the “Food for Spain” effort at Wombwell last week-end, notwithstanding that he was only one of scores who had pocketsful of tickets to get rid of at sixpence a time.

I am told that Mr. Moores does not habitually take advantage of shopkeepers who have no back doors to their counters, but goes chiefly to “the poor what always helps the poor’-which is perhaps the reason he gets support where no one else can, One or two like Sam in a community are essential. When this “Sam” picks up his musket he does not put it down again until he gets what he wants.

You simply cannot resist him if you wanted to.