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Wombwell Man’s Collapse In Essex – Domestic Tragedy

September 1937

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 3, 1937

Shock for Young Mother
Wombwell Man’s Collapse In Essex
Domestic Tragedy

The death occurred under tragic circumstances at Rayleigh, Essex, on Wednesday of Mr Joseph Connolly (32) a married son of Mr Mrs John F Connolly, 57, Littlefield Road, Wombwell.

Mr Connolly was in the act of pouring out a cup of tea for his wife, who was in bed with a five day old baby (their first child) when he suddenly reeled and collapsed. He died a few moments later from heart failure.

A moment earlier he had been joking with his wife. Mrs Connolly was too ill to attend the funeral at Wombwell Cemetery on Saturday.

A former mineworker at Wombwell, Mr Connolly went to Essex two years ago to work for the Rayleigh Coke and Gaslight company, were two of his brothers are also employed. He was married at Rayleigh and home address was “Bedale,” Kings Road, Rayleigh.

Canal Rescue Recalled

His death recalls a plucky canal rescue at Wombwell in 1919. Mr Connolly jumped into the canal fully clothed to save a boy from drowning. For the rescue he received the certificate of the Royal Life Saving Society, publicly presented by the Wombwell Urban District Council, and a silver watch was given him by the grateful parents of the rescued child. Later he contracted pneumonia and rheumatic fever.

Mr Connolly belong to an old Wombwell family, being a grandson of the late Mr and Mrs Patrick Joseph Connolly, who lived in Milton Street, Wombwell for many years. He has several uncles in Wombwell.

He was making good progress at Rayleigh and his prospects were good. He will be well remembered by a wide circle of friends in Wombwell for his interest in boxing, gardening, football and swimming.