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Wombwell Dearne and Swinton Broadcasters

May 1939

South Yorkshire Times, May 12th 1939

Wombwell Dearne and Swinton Broadcasters

South Yorkshire is justly proud of its amateur operatic “stars.” Throughout the week the names of Margery Rawling, Annie Whittaker and Jack Guest have been on all Wombwell lips.

At least ninety per cent. of the population must have been listening in on Sunday night when these three broadcast in the “Songs from the Amateur Shows” feature from the Northern Station at Leeds, and the comments since heard have all been favourable.

Doubtless similar compliments have been paid at Bolton-on-Dearne to Fred Robinson, the 22 years old member of the Dearne District Operatic Society; at Sheffield to Olive Turner of Croft House “Glamorous Night” fame, and to Miss Elsie Osborn of the Boston Amateur Operatic Society who hails from Swinton.