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Wombwell Couple’s Differences

April 1919

Barnsley Independent – Saturday 12 April 1919

Wombwell Couple’s Differences

At Wednesday’s West Riding Court John McCall, miner, of Wombwell, was summoned by his wife, Eliza, who asked for a separation order the ground of persistent cruelty.

Mr. Rideall, for complainant, said the parties were married at Rotherham In 1901, and there were no children of the marriage. Both had been previously married. Defendant joined the Army in September, 1915, and was discharged with chronic rheumatism alter a few months service. He had been to Harrogate and Buxton, and came about weeks ago. About a fortnight ago he packed up and took his box out. He sold a wringing machine, a sofa belonging to complainant, and the room suite.

Complainant alleged that her husband was addicted to drink and gambling and that be had threatened to ram a poker down her throat. For seven weeks she had not received a penny from him. She was afraid to live with him.

Complainant’s daughter, Mrs. Wild, and son, John William Cook, also gave evidence.

Colonel Raley, for defendant, regretted that the family were again before the Court. Defendant, he said, was willing to have his wife back and to make a comfortable. It was a case of two families and stepchildren, and life had been anything but comfortable.

Defendant, who was over 50 years of age, had been out in France, and was at present receiving treatment. He denied the poker incident.

Defendant said that his wife had stated that she wanted him away and a married son at home.

The Bench considered there was little likelihood of the parties agreed, and made a separation order of 15 shillings per week.