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Wombwell Child’s Death

January 1909

Sheffield Daily Telegraph January 21, 1909

Wombwell Child’s Death

A child named Frank Samuel Atherton, aged two years and 10 months, the son of Thomas Atherton 14 Park Street, Wombwell, died at the Beckett hospital Barnsley yesterday morning – another victim of flannelette.

On Tuesday afternoon the mother was engaged washing, and while hanging out clothes in the yard left deceased and his sister, Laura, alone in the kitchen.

After a few minutes she heard Laura scream, going back, found the kitchen full of smoke. She could not find deceased and unsuccessfully searched outside, but returning found him behind the wringing machine.

She got the poor little fellow out, and found that his flannelette nightdress have been practically burned away, serious injuries to his body being the outcome.

Dr Seaborne was called in, recommended deceased removal to the hospital, and death occurred as stated.

Deceased sister subsequently stated that the child had been lighting a piece of stick at an unprotected fire, and had in that manner ignited his clothing.