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Wombwell 1, Mexboro’ 1 – Improved Defence

23 September 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 23, 1927

Mexboro’ Experiments.
Improved Defence at Wombwell

Wombwell 1, Mexboro’ 1

Wombwell: A. Smith; Gittins, Hatfield; Brown, Rushton, Sanderson ; Shaw, Bradford, N. Smith, H. Smith, Wright.

Mexboro’: Bromage; Burkinshaw, Sylvester, Beaumont, Saxton; Ashton, Cannon, Kennedy, Shaw, Vollans

Referee: G. Parker, Worksop.

The match with Mexborough’ provided Wombwell followers with a grand Feast attraction at Hough Lane on Monday. The game went at a rattling pace and the result was the only verdict that could fairly have ensued on a contest between two good sides. The feature of the game was the fine work of the defenders. Hatfield, Rushton and Brown distinguished themselves for Wombwell, and Beaumont and the two backs gave splendid service to the other side. Mexboro’ had the better forwards, but Wombwell had had to make changes.

Wombwell opened promisingly and did most of the pressing for a time, but Mexborough raids were always dangerous. Once or twice the Wombwell backs were forced to put the ball hack to the goalkeeper. The play caused plenty of excitement. Beaumont kept an effective check on the Wombwell attack. Once the Wombwell goal was put under siege and Kennedy had lifted his foot to put the ball into the net when Brown rushed in and took it off his toe. After an even 30 minutes Mexboro’ took the lead. Ashton cut in swiftly and though ‘his shot went in very gently Albert – Smith

failed to get it away. Getting the ball again Ashton lifted it over to Shaw who headed into an empty goal. Smith was not so smart as he might have been but Sanderson was at fault in the first place in letting Ashton through.

After 35 minutes Wombwell drew level. The movement began with a smart piece of work by Rushton. Weaving his way into the open he passed out to Wright who centred beautifully. Bromage missed the ball in its flight and it passed to N. SMITH who headed in. The ball went from end to end at a great pace. One moment Rushton sent in a daisy cutter that Bromage had difficulty in gathering, and the next Sam Kennedy had run across to the Mexboro’ right wing to drive in a rattling shot that passed just wide. Mexboro’ showed a little more vigour than Wombwell but that was balance by good combination by Wombwell.

Beaumont was the outstanding figure on the Mexboro’ side.