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Wath Canal Tragedy – Sad End to Courtship – Afraid To Go Home

May 1907

Sheffield Daily Telegraph May 17, 1907

Wath Canal Tragedy
Sad End to Barnsley Girls Courtship
Afraid To Go Home

Mr J Kenyon Parker held an inquest at the Brampton Bulls Head Inn, yesterday on Agnes Ann Rhodes (18) single woman, whose parents reside at 2 Roper St, Barnsley, and whose body was recovered from the Dearne and Dove canal, near Mapplebeck  Bridge Brampton Bierlow on Monday night.

Evidence was given to the effect that the deceased, having missed her train home to Barnsley on Sunday night, stayed at the house of Mrs Banks of Milton Street, Wombwell, with whom the deceased’s young man lodged.

She got up on Monday morning with the intention of going home, but subsequently remarked that she was afraid to do so. In conversation with a Mrs Murphy of Wombwell, she took a great deal about a young man going to Australia, and also cried very much. She said she did not like going home as a mother would be vexed. Eventually however, she decides to do so, but later her heart was found the time past with four hat pins laid directly underneath it.

William Riley, the deceased’s young man, said he was out of work for a short time, but he had saved sufficient money, and thought he would try his luck in Australia. He told a young woman, and this seemed to trouble her, and she wanted to go as well, but he said he had not sufficient money to take them both. He promised if he had lock, and got work, he would sent for her.

Then the evidence it was stated that the mother of the girl was a poster her keeping company with Riley, and that seemed to trouble her about staying out all night.

The jury returned a verdict of “Suicide during temporary insanity.”