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Trap Accident

July 1909

Barnsley Chronicle July 24, 1909

Trap Accident

On Thursday evening week, shortly after 7 o’clock, Mr Bellamy, of Hoyland, boot and shoe dealer, was driving with his sister, Miss Bellamy, down Hough Lane, when the horse got beyond control and rushed along at a furious rate.

Mr Bellamy, seeing the steep incline before him, for safety tried to turn the corner near the Kings Road schools, but failed, and the horse and trap dashed into the gable end of the Royal Oak Hotel, throwing Miss Bellamy violently against the wall, while Mr Bellamy was pitched into the window of the bar parlour with such force that the splintered glass broke the water bottle standing on the tables.

Miss Bellamy was carried unconscious into the surgery of Dr Foley, where she remained for some three hours.

Mr Bellamy, who received a nasty cut in the neck, was also attended to. Both were afterwards taken home in a cab.