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Three Die in Wombwell Pit on Wednesday Morning

November 1947

Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer – Wednesday 12 November 1947

Three Die in Wombwell Pit  on Wednesday Morning

Three men were killed by a fall roof at Wombwell Main Colliery last night.

They were George Dorling (46), of 45. Hunnlngley Lane, Stairfoot, Barnsley. Albert Rhodes (38), of 9, Robinson Terrace. Birdwell. Barnsley, and William Markham (46), of 65, Stubbs Road, Wombwell.

A fourth man, Arthur Byfield (38), of 47, Bartholomew Street. Wombwell, was taken to Beckett Hospital, Barnsley, with suspected fracture of the left leg.

It was learned this morning that he was not seriously injured.

The men were working as rippers and packers on the afternoon shift In the Winterbed Seam. Dorling, who it is understood, went to Byfield’s rescue, was brought out first, and the bodies of Rhodes and Markham were recovered later.

Dr. Maxwell and Dr. Etches descended the pit and walked over mile to the scene of the fall.

Also at the colliery were Mr. J. A. Hall (Yorkshire Miners’ president), Mr. J. E. Longden (Area General Manager), Mr. A. Butler (deputy Area General Manager) and Mr. D. H. O. Bishop (area agent).

Mr. Hall said this morning that the men were employed in drawing off waste when a series of falls took place. burying four of them completely.

” One of them was rescued alive after four hours of hazardous work on the part of rescuers,” he said.

” The fall was about eight yards long, and about 40 tons of dirt fell. The three men died from Injuries and suffocation.”

Mr. Hall said that valiant work was put in by the manager. Mr. E Charlton, who Immediately called together Mr Longden, the Area General Manager, and his staff, and then went down to supervise the rescue work.