The Missing Bus

May 1947

Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer – Wednesday 28 May 1947

The Missing Bus

The holiday period has resulted increased absenteeism at some South Yorkshire pits, compared with a week ago but the attendance has been better than for the corresponding holiday period last year.

Attendance would have been better still at Dearne Valley Colliery but for the fact that 21 Wombwell miners were unable to obtain transport yesterday morning. The men should have been picked up bus just before 5 a.m. They were waiting at 4.45. but no bus came.

The men had to return home, the pit being nearly four miles away. They lost the five-day week bonus paid for working all available shifts. They will, however, receive ” Bevin pay (about 17s.) they lost their work through no fault of their own.

One miner said “The same thing happened on the first day after the Whitsuntide holiday last year. We have been wondering whether the buses are being used take trippers.”

He suggested that one of the buses which actually reached the pit could have come back to fetch them when was found that their bus had not turned up.