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Soldier – Skinner H. – Died of Multiple Wounds

April 1917

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 21, 1917

Signaller H Skinner

of 165 Barnsley Rd, Wombwell, has died of wounds.

On February 28 Skinner, along with others was transferring instruments from one place to another, when a rifle grenade burst amongst them, wounding four of them. Signaller Skinner was only the right leg (which was amputated below the knee), right eye, left arm, left foot, right thumb and back, and miraculously escaped wounds in other vital parts.

He had in his left breast pocket his paybook and some letters, which served to check a piece of shell which pierced them and just grazed his chest. Another piece of shell was prevented from Pearson his thigh by a metal sovereign case which he carried in his left trouser pocket, and which was smashed to atoms.

At first it was thought that Skinner will pull through but, unfortunately, septic poisoning setting and he died on April 10, his 21st birthday.