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“Snapped” By Uncle – Wombwell Child Drowned Two Days Later

July 1937

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 30, 1937

“Snapped” By Uncle

Wombwell Child Who Was Drowned Two Days Later

This photograph is of Ernest Skidmore, two year old son of Mr and Mrs Joseph Skidmore, 89 Brampton Rd, Wombwell.

It would seem that the hand which snapped the picture was guided by fate, for two days later the child was drowned in the canal, a few yards from his home.

Last week the child’s uncle Mr Walter Woffingden, of Knollbeck Avenue, Wombwell called at the house with a small camera. He remarked to his sister that he had three films left and wanted to take more pictures so that he could get them developed. He offered to take three photographs of Ernest and the mother agreed.

This is one of the photographs.

If Mr Woffingden had not called, Mr and Mrs Skidmore would have had no photograph to remember their child back.

The only child of his parents, Ernest was greatly loved in every household in the neighbourhood. There is widespread sympathy for Mr and Mrs Skidmore.