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Scouts Join Up – Wombwell Troop Loses Popular Leaders

October 1939

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday, October 21, 1939

Scouts Join Up

Wombwell Troop Loses Popular Leaders

Scouting at Wombwell has made an early contribution to H.M. Forces by sending its two Assistant Scoutmasters. The first to join up from the local troop are A.S.M.’s Cyril Lines and Fred Fowler.

A.S.M. Lines has joined the Royal Corps of Signals in which he served from 1928 to 1933, and A.S.M. Fowler is in the Royal Artillery. It is believed that A.S.M. Lines has gone abroad, but all that the family know is that he is in a “warm spot.” The equipment in which they last saw him included a topee and other articles of apparel suitable for a sultry climate.

A.S.M. Fowler is still in England. He has already been promoted corporal.

A.S.M. Lines, whose home is in Barnsley Road, Wombwell, was called up as a reservist. He served two years at Jubbulpore and Trimulwherry, India, as a wireless operator, and his knowledge of signalling has been of great assistance to the Wombwell troop. He taught the boys semaphore and the rudiments of morse. His words before re-joining were that he was looking forward keenly to getting his old job back. A brother of Assistant District Commissioner E. E. Lines, his cheery spirits and adaptability have made him a great Scout and a great favourite with the boys.

A.S.M. Fowler is a son of Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Fowler, of 56, Hough Lane. Wombwell, and has joined up from the staff of the West Riding County Council, by whom he has been employed as an assistant surveyor. He joined the Wombwell Troop of Boy Scouts in 1927, and was appointed A.S.M. five years ago. He has taken scouting very seriously and in the past ten years has attended all the annual Scout camps. He holds the “Wood” Badge, which makes him a member of the 1st Gilwell Troop in London, and entitles him to wear the neckerchief with the special tartan decoration and the distinctive tiger-skin woggle.

Before joining the staff of the County Council he was employed in the surveyor’s office at Wombwell Main Colliery.

The loss of these two leaders to the troop will throw extra responsibilities on to Assistant Commissioner E. E Lines, who himself is an ex-Service man and a leading A.R.P. worker.