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Sanitation at Lundhill.

August 1919

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Thursday 14 August 1919

Sanitation at Lundhill.

At a meeting of the Wombwell Council, Mr. Hall alleged that the conditions at Lundhill (Wombwell) were disgraceful, and that one or two deaths that had occurred there recently were attributed to the insanitary conditions.

Councillor Charlesworth said Wombwell had a clean health bill, and Mr. Hall’s statements cast a serious reflection upon the Medical Officer and the Sanitary Inspector.

Mr. Hall refused to withdraw his statement, and on his putting a straight question to the Sanitary Inspector, the latter agreed that the conditions Lundhill were, in fact,, insanitary, but that the war had prevented them from putting the matter right.

The Council decided to send the Chairman and Sanitary Inspector to visit Lundhill and to submit a report their inspection.

The Council agreed to permit the erection Army huts as dwelling houses.