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Roman Catholic Priest  Very Ill.

June 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times June 28, 1929

Roman Catholic Priest  Very Ill.

The sympathy of all sections and creeds in Wombwell will be aroused at the news that Father J. P. Mulcahy, Roman Catholic priest   in charge of St. Michael’s, Low Valley, has had a breakdown in health and is at present very ill.

Six weeks ago he was afflicted with boils and the attack became so persistent that his medical attendant ordered him to bed. Up to a fortnight ago he appeared to be making slow but satisfactory progress, but unhappily he had a slight seizure accompanied by a relapse.

Since then he has been in a very weak state and as he has not reacted to treatment a specialist has decided it is imperative that he shall take a long rest.

Accordingly arrangements have been made for his accommodation in a nursing home, the treatment at which may extend over a period of twelve mouths. The situation, we understand, is in the hands of the Bishop of Leeds, who will probably arrange for supply priest  to come to Wombwell in Fahler Mulcahy’s absence.