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Reuben Shooting Sacks

March 1840

Yorkshire Gazette March 7, 1840

Reuben Shooting Sacks

A lad who had served a short time at the shop of a country cobbler, left in consequence of him being so often “leathered” by his master.

His mother not been in circumstances to keep them at home, hired him to a farmer, in the neighbourhood of Wombwell.

The third day Reuben was there is master told him to go into the corn chamber and shoot 10 sacks of oats, which he had previously seen. Reuben paused for a moment as if to ask a question, but away he went without doing so.

In about five minutes time the report of a gun was heard, in a short time after, another report was heard.

The farmer wondering what it could be about, went out into the yard to ascertain, when off went a third; finding that it was up in the corn chamber, he hastened there as quick as possible, and seeing the place filled with smoke, he called out in a frightened town, “What ever is there to do here?”

Reuben, who was at the far end of the room almost suffocated, responded hoarsely, “Stop away Mester! Have nobbat shot three yit!

“Three yet?” Inquired the farmer, making his way through the smoke to Reuben.

“Wha, three secks, sir.”


“Yis sir,” said Reuben, shouldering his gun a fourth time as fierce as a rifleman.

“Stop! Stop!” Said the farmer, laying hold of the gun, “that’s not what I meant, you cobbling rascal, get out with you.”

Off went Reuben with a kick, walking 6 miles without hat his mother again