Rate Collector

May 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 27, 1927

One of the most harassing and thankless jobs these days is that of the Rate collector.

That being so, it is gratifying to observe that Mr Tom Turnbull, who gathers in the shekels at Wombwell is doing “very nicely.” In the course of a conversation this week Mr Turnbull told me something of the type of people you have to deal with.

I gather that some would pay if they could, whilst others could pay if they would.

The people falling under these categories are, however, relatively few in number, and in cases where real hardship arise the department is able and willing, within the limits of statutory regulations, to give sympathetic consideration to them.

It is a tribute to our local administration, not less than to the high standard of honesty in this district, that comparatively few Wombwell people have been taken to court in respect of their rates.

On the whole says Mr Turnbull, the ratepayers are facing their obligations bravely. During the past half year there has been a considerable reduction in arrears of rent in respect of the Council houses.