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“Queen” a Musician – Final of “Times” Beauty Ballot

June 1938

Mexborough and Swinton Times June 17, 1938

“Queen” a Musician

Final of “Times” Beauty Ballot Miss Florence Frost Elected

In the centre is Miss Florence Frost (18), who has been chosen as Wombwell’s Beauty Queen for 1938. In the band with her are (left to right): Miss Betty Schofield (19), Miss Doreen Gray (17), Miss Margaret Jones (16), and Miss Winifred Hardman (18).

Wombwell’s Beauty Queen for 1938 is Miss Florence Frost, eighteen-year-old dance band player, of 8, Jardine Street,Wombwell, and No. 11 in the “South Yorkshire Times” Peauty Ballot. The final choice was made at a hospital ball held at the Futurist Dance Hall, Wombwell, on Friday night, when four other girls were chosen as attendants. The Beauty Queen’s retinue—all of them of distinction and charm—will consist of Miss Doreen Gray (17). 178, Hough Lane, Wombwell; Miss Winifred Hardman (18), Mason’s Arms, Broomhill. Wombwell; Miss Betty Schofield (19). 3. Pearson Field, Wombwell; Miss Margaret Jones (16), 7, Elliott’s Terrace, Wombwell.

Beauty Parade.

Eleven candidates who had qualified in the “Times” Beauty Ballot appeared in the first parade the centre of the floor being cleared for the purpose. The candidates walked round to musical accompaniment by the Futurist Dance Band (leader Mr. A. Hodgkiss), in which Miss Frost plays the double-bass, and the company were then invited to vote, ballot papers having been provided at the door.

A little later the result of the names of five successful candidates were announced by Mr. J. Upton. who officiated on behalf of the “South Yorkshire Times.” Subsequently the five girls again took the. centre of the floor and from them an independent board of judges consisting of. member of the Denville Repertory Company appearing at the Theatre Royal, Barnslty, selected Miss Frost, who is a tall brunette, as the most suitable candidate for the Queenship. The applause which followed the announcement, proved that the selection was very popular. The other four girls were automatically appointed attendants.

The final judges were Mr. H. Lyndon, Mr. Barry Denville, Miss B. Wren and Miss Gladys Briggs. Mr. Barry Denville is a grandson of Mr. Alfred Denville. M.P. for Newcastle Central, who. thirty ,years ago, spent some time in Wombwell with a portable theatre.

“TIMES” Readers Vindicated.

In both the Queen and her attendants the judgment shown by “Times” readers through the medium of the Beauty Ballot was fully vindicated, in that all the five received strong support. The first to congratulate Miss Frost on her election was her widowed grandmother, Mrs. Florence Hoyland, of 35, Jardine Street, Wombwell, after whom she was named. Then the attendants and several of the unsuccessful candidates offered their individual tributes. Later in the evening Miss Frost took her place in the orchestra, of which she is the only female member. On behalf of the hospital committee and the “South Yorkshire Times,” who contributed £5 towards the prize money, Miss P. Upton handed £3 to the Queen elect and £2 each to the attendants, with an intimation that there were other prizes—a free perm each and dress shoes given by the Public Benefit Boot Company.

The M.C. for the dance was Mr. A. Leake and the assistants Mr. G. W. Pickering, Mr O.Doughty. Mr. J. Webb and Mr. J. Walker. Announcements were made through the microphone by Mr. T. Newsome, who intimated that this was only the first phase of what was to be a history-making effort in Wombwell, and by Mr. A. T. Thornsby, president and secretary respectively of the Wombwell Hospital Committee.

On behalf of the Denville Company, Mr. H. Lyndon also awarded a prize of 10s. to the Beauty Queen and invited the Queen and her attendants to visit Barnsley Theatre Royal to-night (Friday). The party will appear on the stage and the Queen will make a short speech.