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Pavilion Owner’s Debts

November 1911

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Saturday 25 November 1911

Pavilion Owner’s Debts

The public examination, of Carl Gordon of 65, Summer Lane, Wombwell, carrying on business the Pavilion. Wombwell, and the Pavilion, Barnsley, was held at the former place yesterday.

Debtor’s liabilities amounted £Bl6 12s. 8d„ and there were 52 unsecured creditors. To 51 creditors £214 ss. was due for distrainable rent, preferential rates, wages, etc. The deficiency was estimated at £556 12s. Bd.

Debtor attributed his failure to insufficient capital and expensive talent and pressure of creditors before the business was properly established.” Since July 31st the net loss on the business had been £492 17s. 7d. Debtor, aged 26, was formerly manager of touring picture show, and for four or five months prior to his opening the Pavilions ran a touring business of his own. His first venture was at Dumbarton, where he estimated a profit of about £300.

Owing to quarrel with the owner of the hall he gave the show up and opened the Pavilion at Wombwell and afterwards leased the hall at Barnsley. The fitting up of the Pavilion at Barnsley cost about £400, but both this and the show at Wombwell were doing well when a creditor began to press. Debtor stated that the show at Dumbarton was still being carried on by his manager, named George Robey. He had not kept any books or any record of his takings or expenses at any of the halls. When he started at Wombwell he had about £50 cash in hand.

The Official Receiver (Mr. Basil Briggs) questioned the debtor at some length as to his not haying kept any account of his takings and expenditure and the examination was adjourned for a detailed statement of his financial dealings to be produced.