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One Killed in Mishap at Darfield

April 1960

South Yorkshire Times, April 16th 1960

One Killed in Mishap at Darfield

Jack Thompson (24), a tiller at Houghton Main Colliery of Ring O’Bells Hotel, Silkstone, near Barnsley, was killed in a road accident on the Doncaster to Barnsley main road at Tyers Hill, Ardsley shortly before noon on Friday.

In the same accident the driver of a Barnsley Borough police patrol car. P.c. Michael Gray of Belgrave Road. Barnsley, was injured and is still in hospital.

Thompson was married to the daughter of Mr. J. Hodgson, licensee of the Ring O’Bells. Both vehicles were badly damaged in the crash

Inquest Opened

The inquest on Jack Thompson was opened by the District Coroner, Mr. S. H. B. Gill, at the council Offices. Darfield on Monday.

Evidence of identification was given by a brother, Donald Thompson, of 62. New Street. Darfield. He said Jack Thompson was in the habit of going to work on his motor cycle and had taken a driving test but had not passed.

Police Constable Ralph Charlesworth, stationed at Darfield, said he was called to the scene of the accident about 11.40 a.m. on Friday. Thompson, apparently dead, was lying on the nearside of the road facing Doncaster, and his motor cycle was at the side of the road about 18ft. 3ins. away. A doctor certified death.

P.c. Charlesworth said also involved in the collision was a Barnsley Borough police patrol car, the driver of which was still in hospital suffering from head injuries.

He said pathologist Dr. G.D. Powell had carried out a post mortem examination on Thompson and was satisfied as to the cause of death.

The Coroner adjourned the inquest for recovery of the witness and the completion of investigations.