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Number 3 Output Best Ever

December 1947

South Yorkshire Times December 27, 1947

Number 3 Output Best Ever

Production in the 12 collieries in No. 3 Area of the North-Eastern Divisional Coal Board during the week ended Saturday was the highest ever achieved in the area since the mines were nationalised. The total of 147,187 tons smashed by 2,368 tons the record established the previous week.

Ten out of the 12 pits exceeded their targets, only Kilnhurst and New Stubbin failing to do so.

The Silkstone seam of Cortonwood Colliery, which produced 6128 tone, established a record and at Silverwood, where the target is 18,557 tons, the total of 19,127 tons mined, was the highest figure for three years. The previous week the colliery failed to attain its target by more than 1,000 tons.

Aldwarke Main’s output of 10,004 was the highest for at least six years and probably more.

Manvers topped the 20,000 tons mark for the first time for some months.

Individual pit totals were:-