Home Sports Cricket Mitchell’s Main 156 for 3  Mexborough 239 for 4

Mitchell’s Main 156 for 3  Mexborough 239 for 4

5 July 1919

Mexborough and Swinton Times, July 5, 1919

Mitchell’s Main 156 for 3  Mexborough 239 for 4

We believe Mexboro were as much surprised as Mitchell’s at the display they put up on the latter’s ground on Saturday.

It was really a batsmen’s harvest and on both sides was the scoring very high.

Mexborough’s magnificent total of 239 for four wickets was considered good enough to justify a declaration of the innings, and though time was allowed for a possibility of bringing about Mitchell’s fall had their defence not been quite so superb, there was some good judgment as to not giving a sufficiently long period for them to rub off Mexboro’s score.

Carlin ran up the splendid total of 63 before he was stumped by Brooke, while Reg. Nicholson for his score of 59 gave the fielders plenty of work. Greig treated all the bowling with scant respect and registered some big hits in his total of 63.

Laurie Burkinshaw seems to be getting back to his old form with the willow, and he was going strong with 24 when the innings ended. Mitchell’s made a supreme effort to rub off the total, but time was Mexborough’s ally, and the game ended in a draw. Mitchell’s score standing at 156 for 3. Kilner’s was the best contribution to the score with a creditable 89 not out. Senior came next with the useful figure of 48.