Home Sports Cricket Mitchell Main  108   Wombwell Main  62

Mitchell Main  108   Wombwell Main  62

19 July 1919

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 19, 1919

Mitchell Main  108   Wombwell Main  62

Wombwell Main were out tor revenge on Saturday when they played their return match with their neighbours, Mitchell Main.

Mitchell Main were the first team to defeat Wombwell, who began with a big sequence of victories. Mitchell Main on Saturday proved equal to repeating the dose and Wombwell went under very badly.

Colin KiIner was absent from the Mitchell Main team. He has gone to Allerton Bywater, and was playing for that team in the Yorkshire Council against Hunslet. He did not do particularly well only scoring seven.

Returning to the Wombwell match, however. Thanks to good bowiing by Carr and Barnes, Mitchell Main were got rid of for a moderate 108, but Musgrave (re-appearnag after a long absence) and Senior played havoc with the Wombwell batsmen, who were all out for 62, Senior having the extraordinary figures of four for two.