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Mammoth Christmas Party at Wombwell – 1,000 Children

January 1937

Mexborough and Swinton Times, January 1, 1937

Mammoth Christmas Party at Wombwell

Children of the unemployed receiving gifts at a party at Wombwell at which they were entertained on Tuesday.

Feeling their paper bags to see what was in them – dropping their mugs and stopping for a moment to gaze at the fragments, casting a final look round to see there is anything else, nearly a thousand cheerful -looking children filed out of Kings Road Schools, Wombwell on Tuesday evening.

They had shared in the annual treat provided by the Wombwell Association of Unemployed in collaboration with the women section of the Wombwell Labour Party. Some of them were too small to walk and mother’s fetched and carried them. The whole lot have been fed at one sitting down. Noted moment was wasted. The arrangements worked perfectly.

Generous Donors

Funds were raised by subscription from shopkeepers, various townspeople, and by donations from trade union branches. The total raised showed a slight decrease in last year’s figure, and the organisers agreed to dispense with decorations.

Is this age of the “guests” range from 4 to 14 years, and the children crowded in seven of the classrooms round tables laden with good things. An overflow table ran down the centre of the school hall. The team comprised sandwiches, tea cakes, a variety of “sweets” and cakes.

Because of the decrease in the funds Father Christmas did not keep his customary “day,” but instead of gifts from a Christmas tree, the children were presented with nuts, apples, oranges, and bags of sweets.

“Most of the people we have approached the funds have had to meet many calls during the last few weeks,” one of the organisers said, “but they have given us as much as they could and the response has been very encouraging.”