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Local Elections – Board of Guardians

March 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 2, 1928

Local Elections

The local Labour party have decided to put at least two candidates into the field on the occasion of the forthcoming Barnsley Board of Guardians elections. These elections will take place simultaneously with the municipal elections on March 31st.

There is still much time left during which to speculate on this matter, but, as the Labour Party realise, there is nothing like getting a good start. Wombwell has three representatives on the Board of Guardians, in Mrs. Allott, Mrs. Nunn, and Canon S. T. G. Smith, and in accordance with the terms upon which they took office they are all due to retire this year. Whether the opposition of the Labour party is directed against all three, or only two of the sitting members, is not known, but that they mean business is evident.

Their organisation is already at work, and events are beginning to move. There is an element of novelty in the situation, for nine years have elapsed since we had a Guardians’ election in Wombwell.

The Rev. S. T. G. Smith (picture) was elected without a contest three years ago. I am forbidden to mention the Labour party candidates at this juncture. The Wombwell area, so far as representation on the Board of Guardians is concerned, includes Wombwell, Hemingfield and Jump.