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Local Craftsmen , Mr William Johnson & Sons

August 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 12, 1927

Mr William Johnson

It will be a source of pride to those who are to appreciate the joys of possessing the new Wesleyan Church at Cortonwood, to know that the main work of construction has been carried out by local craftsmen, Mr William Johnson and sons, to whom the contract was given, one of the oldest established firms in the district, and for several years they have specialised in the design and construction of public buildings, institutes and churches.

They have also devoted special attention to works of restoration.

The principal of the firm is Mr William Johnson, who, in spite of the fact that he is well over 70 years of age, still gives active supervision to the business, and overlooks every detail.

Mr Johnson is a native of Hemingfield, and followed his father (the late Mr William Johnson) and also his grandfather in the building trade. Starting work with the Masons at the age of 12, Mr Johnson was an accomplished craftsmen at an early age, and great value was placed on his technical skill and judgement.

His services were frequently requisitioned for delicate and hazardous task at the collieries in the district, and he was only a young man when he was called upon by the proprietors of the new Oaks colliery to supervise the walling off of certain underground districts after the disastrous explosion.

It is interesting know that one of the first jobs Mr Johnson tackled on his own responsibility was the construction of the Wombwell Water Works plant at Broomhill 50 years ago. It is 40 years since Mr Johnson built the Wesleyan Church at Hemingfield, and it is a striking commentary on the value of his work that it has never yet been necessary to spend a penny on the restoration of the building.

The reputation of the firm has stood high for over half a century, and the traditions and principles upon which it was founded, are now being maintained and carried forward by Mr Johnson’s grandsons, Mr Frank Johnson Taylor and Mr William Johnson Taylor, who are now associated with him in the business.

Many of the most important buildings of South Yorkshire have been erected by Messrs Johnson and sons, and the following may be mentioned as samples of their workmanship:

The Town Hall, Wombwell and
The Public Library Wombwell
Bank Buildings Wombwell
Yorkshire Penny Bank Wombwell
Royston Picture House
Low Valley Billiards Hall
Miners Welfare Institute Brampton (In Construction)
Barnsley Road, Park Street, Kings Road and Low Valley Schools, Wombwell
Darfield Cemetery Buildings
Rycroft (Wakefield) and Carlton Schools
and many important sewerage and water at schemes.

The firm has also been engaged in the past few years on municipal housing schemes, and recently successfully carried through a scheme demanding a high degree of technical skill in the restoration of the Wombwell Parish Church.

The firm has just secured the contract for the erection of a new Middle School at Conisbrough, a scheme involving an expenditure of about £20,000