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King Saw Her Skill – Child’s Thrilling Adventure – Spoke To Their Majesties

March 1939

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 17, 1939

King Saw Her Skill

Wombwell Child’s Thrilling Adventure

Spoke To Their Majesties

A Wombwell girl, six years old, achieved the height of a child’s ambition yesterday, being presented to the King and Queen. She did not see Their Majesties however, but spoke to them personally and, we may be sure, confidently. Alas, she is blind.

The little girl to whom this great privilege was given was Betty Lomas, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lomas of 71, Summer Lane, Wombwell. Betty is an inmate of the Sunshine Home for Blind Babies, Oxford Road, Birkdale, Southport, and she was taken to London with a party of four by the Matron, Miss M. A. E. Smith and one of the teachers The other blind children in the party were Ivy Greta Lee (6Z) of Liverpool; and Arthur Woodhouse (4) of Manchester, who presented the Queen with a basket of flowers, and Gwynneth Jones (6), of Flint, Wales who along with Betty, demonstrated skill in work for blind children.

Mrs. Lomas had been informed of the intention to take the party to London and she told a “Times” reporter yesterday that she was sure it would be a great experience for Betty.

Lived At Hoyland.

Before moving to Wombwell two years ago Mr. and Mrs. Lomas lived at Hoyland. They have one other child, a boy of ten (John). Betty’s eyes became affected when she was nearly two years old and therefore she has the advantage of carrying a mental picture of the shape and colour of things. After she had lost one eye desperate efforts were made to save the other in hospital at Sheffield, but all to no avail. She is totally and irreparably blind.

Although she will not be six years of age until the 26th of this month, she is very useful with her hands. A raffia serviette ring which she made and presented to her mother for Christmas is really a wonderful piece of craftsmanship for one so young.

Mrs. Lomas said the home was in a lovely situation on the sea front and the children had every possible care and attention.