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Jump Woman’s Rare Distinction.

October 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 5, 1928

Jump Woman’s Rare Distinction.

Probably the oldest practicing maternity  nurse in the country, Nurse Evans, of Cemetery Road, Jump, has just celebrated her 84th birthday.

She has had congratulations from numerous friends, and the occasion has been suitably honoured among her own relatives. Nurse Evans is a native of Derbyshire but has resided in the Jump district from her girlhood days. When her husband died she was left with the heavy responsibility of providing for the immediate and future needs, having seven children, and it was then that she decided to take up the profession of maternity nursing.

In this capacity she has had intimate acquaintance with the family life of Jump for 34 years, and has had the satisfaction of seeing hundreds of her “babies” develop into healthy lads and lasses and finally into full-grown and useful citizens.

Mrs Evans takes great pride in her work and the humane side appeals to have more than the practical. A woman of kindly heart and motherly disposition, she has smoothed the hard path of life for countless people in the course of her career. Nurse Evans area of activity extend over a district of 5 miles and in the course of her daily round of duty she covers many miles.

For bicycles, motor cars, buses and other modern means of travel, however, she has nothing but scorn, and wet or fine she can be seen treating it to the outposts of her big “parish.” She believes that walking is good for the mind as well as for the physical constitution. For a woman of her great age she enjoyed wonderfully good health; indeed, she has the vitality and clearness of perception of a woman 20 years her junior.

A record of nurse Evans’s work would furnish a remarkable example of personal industry. Three years ago she attended 240 “arrivals” inside a period of 12 months, which number is very little over the average for several years. She has brought into the world no fewer than 12 sets of twins, two pairs which were born to her own daughter.

In her own way Mrs Evans stand for the maintenance of the highest traditions of home life and she regards the normal domestic pursuits as sacred. She will buy nothing that she herself can fashion and always makes a point of sowing her own aprons.

When it was suggested that she reach the age of superannuation and might think of retiring, and observation was that she would rather wear out than rust. Nurse Evans record is not likely to be challenged.