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Hardy Girl Cyclists – Wombwell Couple’s 100 Miles in 8 Hours.

17 May 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 17, 1929

Hardy Girl Cyclists.

Wombwell Couple’s 100 Miles in 8 Hours.

A remarkable feat of endurance was performed on Sunday by two Wombwell girls, Alice Loy and Norah Boocock. As members of the Wombwell Wheelers’ Cycle Club, they cycled a hundred miles in eight hours—from Wombwell to Newark and back. Fourteen members competed in the trial, but only seven were able to finish.

Among the seven were the two girls. They completed thirteen minutes too long for the club certificate. Both girls are seventeen. One is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Loy, of 3, Myrtle Road, and the other of Mr. and Mrs. Fredk. Boocock, of 88, Roebuck Street. Miss Loy is employed in ‘the Offices of the Barnsley Co-operative Society.

The performance of the two girls was all the more notable having regard to the conditions. Describing their experiences Miss Boocock said it was anything but an ideal day, but in spite of the boisterous conditions they decided to start. Rain fell heavily the whole of the outward journey, and by the time they reached Newark they were saturated. Nevertheless they had accomplished the outward half of, the journey in three and a half hours. Unfortunately there was some delay in getting food, and an hour elapsed before the riders were awheel again, and on the homeward journey a strong head wind was encountered.

“Still we thought we might do it,” said Miss Boocock. “It was not until we reached Hickleton church and saw it was 4-45, that we knew we had failed. Naturally, we were disappointed, but we pedalled along steadily, and arrived home at 5-13. We shall try again.” Miss Boocock added that arrangements are being made for another trial, when proper plans will be made for the provision of food. The two girls have been warmly complimented on their performance.