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Girl’s Fall From a Train

November 1907

Sheffield Daily Telegraph November 18, 1907

Girl’s Fall From a Train

An accident occurred on the Midland Railway just outside the Wombwell Main Station on Saturday morning, a girl named Eva Brooke, of Hough Lane, Wombwell, who is about 14 years of age, falling from a carriage and sustaining injuries which necessitated her removal to the Barnsley Beckett hospital.

The girl travel from Barnsley by the 10:38 a.m. train to Sheffield, which goes through Cudworth before entering the loop line which brings it onto the Chapeltown branch.

She was in a carriage alone, and it is assumed that as the train was leaving Wombwell she discovered that she had overrun her destination, and in her eagerness open the door and fell out.

She was badly bruised but no bones were broken.