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Girl to Lose Eye – “Broken Hearted Mother Writes to the “Times”

October 1957

South Yorkshire Times October 26, 1957

Girl to Lose Eye

“Broken Hearted Mother Writes to the “Times”

In the issue of October 5th the “South Yorkshire Times” reported that Mr William James O’Donnell (40), of 3, Margaret Road, ‘Wombwell, married with four young children, had lost an eye in an accident in Wombwell fairground, Tha week it is revealed that a similar fnisfortune has, befallen 14-years-old Doreen Haywood, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Haywood, of 30, Thompson Road, Wombwell.

Doreen was taken to Beckitt hospital Barnsley on Thursday, October 3, since which date desperate efforts made to save her right eye. This unfortunately, has proved ineffective and she is due for an operation to have the eye removed tomorrow (Saturday)

Mrs Haywood told a “South Yorkshire Times” reporter, “The news that she would have to lose and I came as a great shock to. We knew that she would be blind in one eye, but we did not think it would be necessary for the eye to be removed. We received the news today, but Doreen does not know about it yet.”

The circumstances came to the notice of the “South Yorkshire times” to a letter drop in at a Wombwell office on Wednesday afternoon. The address, 30, Thompson Road, was given, but it was merely signed “A broken hearted mother.” This was the text:

“Sirs, would you please publish this letter as it may serve as a warning to other children?

On Thursday, October 3rd. my daughter. Doreen Haywood, aged 14, left her home at seven o’clock in the evening in anticipation of spending a happy time in Wombwell fairground. It was charity night and she had bought the tickets at school. Some mischievous boys had won a coconut and started throwing the shell around. One boy called out – ‘Catch this, Doreen,’ and the result was disastrous. It hit my daughter in the face and split the sight of one eye. She was rushed off to Beckett Hospital, Barnsley, where she was operated on straight away. We were ready to hear that she had lost-the sight of an eye, but it has come as a great shock to learn that she must lose this eye to save the other. So f you think this stands as a warning, please print it.”

Cut Across

Mrs. Haywood said that when Doreen came home her eye was cut straight across the sight, and she was taken, immediately to Dr. Piercy. At Beckett hospital, they phoned to Sheffield for a specialist who operated straight away.

Doreen is a pretty blue–eyed girl rather on the  small side for her years. She went to Wombwell  County Secondary School and, Kings Road Council School. The Haywoods have three other children —Alfred (11), also at Wombwell County Secondary School and Brian (9) at Kings Road, and a married daughter.