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Double Event At Wombwell – Golden Wedding Couple at Granddaughter’ s Wedding

May 1959

South Yorkshire Times, May 23, 1959

Double Event At Wombwell

Golden Wedding Couple at Granddaughter’ s Wedding

Mr. William Vernon Myers (75) and his wife Sarah Elizabeth (74), of 30, Snowden Terrace, Wombwell, celebrated their Golden Wedding on Whit Monday.

It was a double event for the family as they attended the wedding of their grand-daughter, Miss Margaret Myers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Myers, of Lundhill Road, Wombwell, to Mr. Ronald Wood, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Wood of Lundhill Farm, Hemingfield.

While the family were together on Sunday they took the opportunity of holding a quiet little celebration party at their home.

Born At Maltby

Mr. Myers was born at ‘Maltby and figures in the “history” of Wombwell in that his father, Edward Myers, was the first Superintendent to live at  Wombwell Police Station. Superintendent Myers move from Hoyland to Wombwell as an Inspector as Wombwell was more conveniently near the centre of the Staincross Division. That was in 1907. He went to Selby in 1909 and retired as a superintendent from Halifax in 1918. In coming to Wombwell lychees houses with Sergeant play foot went to Hoyland and was followed in charge of the station Wombwell by Inspector J Brimms who, being a single man, lived in lodgings in Hough Lane, leaving the Police station house to Sergeant Shepherd.

Mr. Myers served apprenticeship as a joiner with Cook’s of Hoyland Common, and for 91 years worked as a joiner in the wagon shop at Mitchell Main Colliery, first for the colliery Company and during the last 20 years as foreman for the wagon building firm of William Gittis and son. He retired in 1948. He has been a member of Wombwell Reform Club for fifty years. His chief hobby is gardening.

Married at Worsbro’

Mrs. Myers was born at Worsbrough. Her maiden name was Mills, and the couple were married at Worsbrough Village Church. It was a “lovely day” fur the wedding and Mr. Myers walked from Wombwell, which was the only way of getting there. For the first few months of their married life they lived over Goodall’s shop in Station Road, Wombwell, and then moved 1 to William Street, Wombwell, where they lived for 21 years before moving into Snowden Terrace 28 years ago.

The couple tasted the bitter cup, of family bereavement when one of their sons, Flying Officer Douglas Vernon Myers, lost his life while serving in the R.A.F. on March 8th, 1945. He was brought down during a night flight over Dessau, Germany. They now have three sons, two daughters, and five grandchildren. Miss Margaret Myers is their oldest grandchild. One of their sons, Mr. Derek Myers, who is with the Inland Revenue department at Stafford, was for many years a youth leader at Wombwell. The couple enjoy excellent health and Mrs. Myers does all her own housework. “Except what I do,” interpolated Mr. Myers. He insisted that they did it “between them.” Mrs. Myers likes to listen to plays on the radio—“when it’s is worth listening to.” She added, “I would’ sooner go out than listen.”