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Daughter’s Marriage –  Father’s Objection Overruled at Barnsley.

July 1928

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Thursday 12 July 1928

Daughter’s Marriage.

 Father’s Objection Overruled at Barnsley.

Barnsley West Riding Bench yesterday consented to the marriage of Violet Stott (19), to Sidney E. Creswell, of Barnsley Road, Wombwell.

Mr. A. Smith, who made the application on behalf of the couple, said that he could not understand the objection of girl’s parents, except that she was employed a bus conductor, and he supposed that a part of her wages went to the father.

The girl said that her father had not spoken to her for three months.

The father, Thomas Scott, miner, of 68, Heelis Street, Barnsley, who resisted the girl’s application, said: “It is a scandalous shame that you have boys and girls, and bring them up to 16 years of age at school. They then turn round on you, and when they start working throw 15s. on the table, and say to their mother, ‘Take it or leave it.’ That is my objection.”

The Chairman (Mr. T. Norton) said that in the circumstances the father could not resist the application.

Stott; I have a right to resist it.

The Chairman: We shall make the order,