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“Crying” The Nine

July 1937

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 23, 1937

“Crying” The Nine

The time honoured vocation of Town Cryer was adapted to modern use at Wombwell yesterday when the official holder of the title for the urban district, Mr Henry Goulding, toured the district proclaiming the virtues of the new “Flying Standard” cars.

This picturesque revival was staged by Messrs T Burrows and sons, who are the agents for the Standard cars in the district and are making a special show in connection with the introduction of the new model.

It was a new experience for Mr Goulding to be proclaiming the arrival of modern luxury automobiles instead of “crying” for lost children our straying animals.

Equipped with traditional top hat and tight waisted blue nap coat, he looked a veritable “Sketch by Box” come to life again.

Mr Goulding has had the privilege of a trial run in the 1938 “Standard Flying Nine,” and thus with much bellringing and oyezing, he proceeded to tell the motoring world of the new arrival.

The novelty of the innovation made a strong appeal to public imagination, as also did this further evidence of enterprise on the part of this well-known firm. Similar scenes were enacted throughout the country.