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Child Mauled By Pony – Rescue by Girl And Schoolboy.

June 1928

Yorkshire Evening Post – Friday 22 June 1928

Child Mauled By Pony.

Rescue by Girl And Schoolboy.

Marie Sykes (3), daughter of Arthur Sykes, miner, of Myer Street, Wombwell, was mauied by pony, and but for the prompt intervention of Maud Bromley, woman, and Hugh Seddons, schoolboy, the child’s injuries might have been much more serious.

It appears that, with a number of children. Marie went play in a field adjoining the canal at Mitchell Main. She was picking buttercups, and had her arms full of flowers, when the pony attacked her, seizing her hair in its teeth, and tossing her in the air. After throwing her into the air several times, it began worry her on the ground, and would probably have trampled her underfoot if Miss Bromley and had not come upon the scene.

Miss Bromley diverted the pony’s attention by throwing a rubber ball it. The animal turned as though to attack her, and rushed and got the child away. The child, suffering from scalp wounds and an injury to the back, was taken to the surgery of Dr. Dickinson.