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Cheery Man Missing – Wombwell Main Woman’s Search

March 1937

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 26, 1937

Cheery Man Missing
Wombwell Main Woman’s Search

Mr Henry Book (64) of 47, Wombwell Main, has been missing since Friday, March 19th. On that date he got up at 6:55 AM and went into the yard when he was spoken to by a neighbour, Mr Thomas Sidebottom.

Shortly afterwards he exchanged a “good morning” with a gamekeeper who passed him in Wombwell Wood going into the direction of Dovecliffe.

Since that moment he has not been seen or heard of. Mrs Brooks says her husband was wearing pinstripe trousers, black coat and waistcoat, black scarf, black boots, cloth cap and blue shirt. He is a man of fresh complexion with silver hair and small moustache and is about 5’6” high.

Every corner of Wombwell Would in the surrounding countryside has been searched without effect.

Mr Buck was born near Howden, came to Wombwell Main as a boy and was brought up by the Brigg family at Smithley farm. He started work at Wombwell Main colliery on leaving school and for nearly 40 years was employed there as a shunter. Recently he has been employed in labouring work.