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C.L.B. Promotion

March 1937

Mexborough and Swinton Times of March 19, 1937

C.L.B. Promotion

Mr John Edward Saville, High Street, Wombwell, who has been appointed Lt Colonel in command of the Wath Rural Deanery Battalion of the C.L.B. has risen from the ranks.

Mr Saville joined the Wombwell company of the C.L.B.in 1903 in those memorable days when the late Mr Willie Thorpe and Mr J.W.Halmshaw were the principal officers.

He went through the ranks, was commissioned in 1913 and when war broke out joined the Royal Army Service Corps (Motor Transport). By virtue of his specially technical knowledge he was transferred to the Ministry of munitions at Grosvenor Place, London. He was appointed full Lieutenant of the C.L.B. 1920 and four years later was promoted captain with command of the Wombwell Company.

The story of Mr Saville’s association with the C.L.B.in Wombwell is one of loyal and consistent dedication. He is modest concerning his own achievements, but all who have been associated with the company in the last 20 years know that to him chiefly belongs the credit for carrying the company through a very difficult period.

It is not for nothing that he is respected and admired by all ranks in the diocese. Under his inspiring leadership the newly formed battalion is sure to make good progress. Mr Saville is in business in Wombwell as a builder.