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Bus Turns Turtle – Twenty Miners Penned In (picture)

February 1928

Sheffield Independent February 14 1928

Bus Turns Turtle
Twenty Miners Penned In

About 20 men were returning from work at the Houghton Main Colliery in a motor bus owned by Dan Smith, of Snape Hill, Darfield, when it collided with a lorry belonging to Messrs T.B.and H. of Denby Dale and laden with pipes. The bus was travelling the direction of Broomhill and the lorry in the direction of Barnsley.

The impact was severe for the bus was turned completely over in the centre of the road, and the men were imprisoned in it. Some of them able to extricate themselves but others were knocked insensible.

Badly injured
Practically all the men suffered cuts and bruising and four were so badly injured that they had to be taken to Barnsley Beckett hospital. They were: Harry Beck (40) Godfrey Darfield; Jack Waring (20), Broomhill Wombwell; Tom Martin (25), Stoneyford Rd, Wombwell, and a fourth man whose name has not yet been ascertained.

The spot where the accident happened somewhat isolated but passing motorists and men working in the vicinity came to the rescue and extricated the injured. The front of the bus was completely smashing glass of scattered over the road.

Caged in
One of the passengers in the bus was a young miner, Alfred Veal, of 16 Hawson St, Wombwell, who told an “independent” representative loss that that at the time of the accident was the bus and lorry had almost come to a standstill. There was no shouting with the vehicles collided, but after the bus had gone over with its wheels in the air and some groaning. The passengers were completely caged in.