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’Bus Hits Bridge – Passengers Injured At Wombwell.

February 1929

Sheffield Independent – Tuesday 12 February 1929

’Bus Hits Bridge.

Passengers Injured At Wombwell.

A Yorkshire Traction ‘bus was involved in an alarming accident at Wombwell, yesterday. The ‘bus was travelling from Hemingfield towards Wombwell, and reached a point where the London, Midland and Scottish Railway passes under the thoroughfare, when the vehicle left the road and crashed into the parapet of the railway bridge, knocking down the high wood fence and the offside edge of the pavement.

The ‘bus struck the pillar of the parapet and was brought to a standstill. Only the parapet, which was fractured the impact, prevented from crashing to the permanent way some 25 feet below. When the ‘bus stopped the offside front wheel was hanging over the parapet.

Besides the driver and conductress there were on the ‘bus three men and two girls who received shock, and three them were injured slightly.

Rose Elizabeth Newby, aged 24 of 21, Wrights crescent, Wombwell, was badly cut about the face and neck by flying class and had to be treated by a doctor. Wilfred Bailey, musician, of 51. Gower Street, Wombwell had his leg bruised, and a traveller who did not give his name sustained an injured hand. Bailey told an Independent representative that when saw the ‘bus dashing towards the parapet the bridge thought his end had come