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Bus Driver Not Called At Barnsley Inquest

October 1937

Leeds Mercury October 28, 1937

Bus Driver Not Called At Barnsley Inquest

An open verdict was returned at Barnsley today at the inquest on Harold Hayes (15) electricians apprentice of Park Street Wombwell, who was fatally injured on Saturday night when his bicycle collided with the bus.

The inquest was adjourned yesterday so that a man could be called whom Mr H Ibberson (representing the relatives) claim was a material witness, according to his instructions.

Norman Hirst, road splicer, Brampton, the witness referred to, said he heard a crash. He saw bus stop about 40 yards away and when he went along he saw the youth lying in the road behind the bus.

When Mr CM Pratt (who represented the driver) was asked by the Coroner, (Mr CJ Haworth) if he was prepared to call this client, he suggested there had been sufficient evidence in the driver’s statement that the cyclist pulled straight in front of the bus.

Addressing the jury the Coroner said the only evidence they had was that for some reason or other the cyclist collided with the bus.

“There has been a statement made by the driver which he states that the cyclist passed him and pulled in front of him. If he does not come into the box and support that I’m not prepared to put in that that was the cause of the accident.”

“I suggest the only that you can return,” the Coroner added, “is that the cause of death was shock from internal injuries from coming into collision with a bus when riding a cycle under circumstances not shown by the evidence.”

The jury agreed.