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Broomhill School – 50 Years Ago

December 1967

South Yorkshire Times December 30, 1967

Our Photograph of over 50 Years Ago shows pupils and teacher at Broomhill School.

Older readers may recognise some in the picture. They are:

Back row (left to right), E. Jenkinson, S. Clarke, E. Clarke, F. Parkinson, A. Hollins, E. Marshall, E. Wharton;
Middle row, M. Veale, E. Bickerdyke, W. Pearson, W. Jenkinson, H. Depledge, G. Fisher and J. Dowty;
Front row, M. Lawson, M. Ashcroft, D. Oxley, V. Wraithe, C. Fisher, A. Beard and teacher Miss  Crackle.