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Billiards – Wombwell Junior Title

March 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 25, 1927

Wombwell Junior Title

Norman Lincoln won the the Wombwell and District Jr amateur championship at the Temperance Institute, Wombwell on Monday evening, after a keen game in the final with A Jones.

The pair were well matched, but Lincoln had to get 120 to Jones 115. The fortunes of the game alternated with exciting frequency, each successful stroke being applauded loudly by a large crowd. Lincoln seemed to find the table to his liking, but Jones never allowed him to get far ahead. At one point Jones looked an almost certain winner. He only wanted six and Lincoln required 14 to complete his score. Lincoln rubbed off the deficit with a clever exhibition of billiards

A collection was taken for the benefit of the National Blind Institution. This will be added to the amount raised for the same charity in connection with the Senior championship.