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Bed for New Ward at Barnsley Beckett Hospital

January 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times, January 28, 1927

Mr R. White

The Wombwell Hospital Committee are planning a scheme with a view to providing a bed for the new ward at the Beckett Hospital, Barnsley.

The effort has been put into the hands of Mr W.R.White, who has already arranged for a concert to be held at the Empire Theatre on March 6.

Mr White, who has devoted nearly half a century to charitable and philanthropic work, has been connected with the hospital movement for 40 years.

A native of Marsh Lane, Eckington, he came to Wombwell at the age of 19, and as long ago as 1884 was a member of the Wombwell Main Cricket Club. He recalls that the late Mr James Hurst was then captain of the team with Mr Tom Schofield as vice captain.

In his younger days Mr White was an enthusiastic bandsman. He was a member at different periods of the Wombwell Subscription Bands and the Wombwell Town Band.

He joined the sons of Temperance Friendly Society in 1894 and is still a member, having passed through the various offices three times.

His recollections of old Wombwell are very interesting.