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Ancient Masonry

May 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times, May 13, 1927

Relics of ancient masonry and been discovered at Wombwell this week. They consist of a number of massive carved stones believed to have been part of the old Wombwell Parish Church.

The stores now form the foundation of a rockery in the front garden of Blakesley House, Station Road, Wombwell, and although they are visible from the highway they have escaped notice for several decades.

The stones are of considerable antiquarian and architectural interest. On one side of the rockery are a number of exquisitely carved tracery window frames, and the other is a final rough chambered arch.

Mr a Longley, who lives near, remembers the stones being carried to Blakesley House when it was built. The carving as will be seen from the photograph, is an excellent state of preservation and the arches intact. The arch may be seen from the street by those who trouble to look for it.

From the old church

Mr Arthur Marrison of Barnes Rd, Wombwell, was examined the stones very carefully, says there is no doubt that they form part of the old Wombwell church. He has examined any think of stone built into the west wall of the existing church, and is of the opinion that this and the stones at Blakesley house came out of the same quarry.

Visitors to the Wombwell Parish Church will have observed that under the stone referred to as the following inscription:

“This stone from the capital one of the pillars of the old church which stood upon this site. The date of this stone is 1170 to 1180 A.D.”

Mr Maddison says that as far as can be judged, the art of Blakesley house is also of 12th century workmanship, while the fragments of window masonry in our picture belong to 13. The latter therefore must have been added to the original building, which consisted chiefly of a nave and tower.

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