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Amateur Operatic Society “On the Air.”

March 1939

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 31, 1939

Amateur Operatic Society “On The Air.”

Here is an item of news which will be received with pleasure in Wombwell. On Sunday, May 7th, three popular members of the Wombwell and District Amateur Operatic Society, will be heard “on the air.”

These are Miss Margery Rawlings (picture, above), Miss Annie Whittaker (picture, below)and Mr. Jack Guest, all of whom have been prominent on the amateur stage in this district for some years and took leading parts in the recent production by the Society of “The New Moon.”

All three can be relied upon to do full justice to Wombwell’s high reputation in the field of amateur stage talent.

The date will be noted and eagerly awaited by all who have seen them on the stage and enjoyed their work.

These three members of the Wombwell company went to Leeds for a test last October and have been chosen among ten who will represent Yorkshire in the North Regional “Songs from the Amateur Shows” feature.

Over two hundred amateurs were tested and it speaks well for the standard of amateur talent in Wombwell that the town has three out of the ten successful candidates.

A fourth is Mr. R. Robinson, of Goldthorpe, and there is a fifth from Rotherham.

The other five of the Yorkshire team are from Harrogate, Skipton, Huddersfield and Sheffield, and the number is supplemented by five from Lincolnshire. The selected candidates have already received instructions for attending rehearsals at Leeds.

Miss Rawlings will sing numbers from “Wild Violets.” while Mr. Jack Guest and Miss Annie Whittaker will team in, a number from “Viktoria and Her Hussar.”