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Amateur Cup Final Referee Cleans Our Windows

April 1959

South Yorkshire Times April 4 1959

Amateur Cup Final Referee Cleans Our Windows

A Wombwell Window cleaner, Mr. Arthur Holland (43), of Stainton Close, New Lodge Estate, Barnsley, is to referee the English Amateur Cup final at Wembley on Saturday, April 18th between Crook Town and Barnet. Tall, dark and athletic looking, Mr. Holland who cleans the windows of the “Times” office, Wombwell, told a “Times” reporter, “I regard this as a great honour as it takes me within one step of the very peak of a referee’s ambition— he F.A. Cup final. I am looking forward to it very keenly”

Incidentally.This is the first time Mr Holland has ever refereed an amateur cup game, and the first time a bouncy referee has got so far.

Keeps Him Fit.

Why did Mr Holland choose window cleaning as a means of livelihood? First because it allows him to get off whenever his services are required as a referee but chiefly because he knows nothing better in the “keep fit” line for a referee in climbing ladders. “I was off window cleaning for a fortnight recently,” he said. “And I got so stiff I could hardly walk.” Another thing. He works for his uncle, Mr Albert E Morris. Proprietor of Wombwell window cleaning company, who not only allows him time off for refereeing but often takes him to his engagement.

Mr Holland who has been refereeing 20 years. Has had a busy season. In addition to league games he has refereed the cup ties Scunthorpe v Bolton Wanderers, Blackburn Rovers v Burnley and Barrow v Hartlepool’s  and the Charity Shield match Bolton v Wolves.