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A Young Exponent

August 1957

South Yorkshire Times, August 24, 1957

A Young Exponent

Cricket enthusiasts at Darfield are all talking about the masterly work of 15-years-old Roy Schofield, who has distinguished himself by his batting in recent matches. Roy is a student at Wath Grammar School and it is no uncommon experience for his father to fetch him by car after school  cricket matches on Saturday mornings to play for Darfield in the afternoon.

A son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Schofield who came from Wombwell Main, Roy will not be 16 until September 13th. He also plays rugby for Wath Grammar School.

Three other youngsters who ensure a prosperous future for Darfield are Brian Exley (18), Brian Ottewell (18) and Alan Beresford (17). There is wonderful power in Beresford’s bowling.