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A Wonderful Dog – Unique Ceremony at Wombwell

December 1919

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 13, 1919

A Wonderful Dog.

Unique Ceremony at Wombwell

“Prince,” a dog owned by Mr. Timms, Tunstal Cross, Wombwell, has been rewarded for his sagacity and canine courage in effecting rescues from drowning in the canal at ‘Wombwell on three separate, occasions.

This unique ceremony was performed at the meeting of the `Wombwell Town Council on Tuesday. The chairman, (Mr. J. E Mitchell), introducing Mr Ewan, a representative of the Royal Humane Society, what had travelled from Leicester to make the presentation, said the distinguished conduct of Mr. Timms’ dog was an encouragement to dog owners to bring up their annual in a nice way, and to teach them to be of similar service to humanity if need be.

Mr. Ewan, who explained that he was acting on behalf of the Canine Society, to whom the Wombwell Council addressed their representations, said the, object of the Society was to look after the interests of dogs, and to recognise acts of sagacity, such as Mr. Timm’s dog had displayed. He’ had pride in decorating the dog for the handsome intelligence it had displayed on three different occasions.

During the proceedings. “Prince” strolled leisurely round the Council Chamber making friends with the members of the Council in turn, and finally leaped on to the Council Chamber, from which he was with difficulty removed. The laughter and applause thus provoked greatly increased his embarrassment.